The Wingfield Harrow may be the best tool you ever buy for your small acreage. Use it to maintain a riding arena or corral, break up manure in a pasture, level a gravel driveway, use it to seed/interseed a lawn or pasture, plus much more. The Econodrag ATV, Standard RTV, 3pt. EconoDrag, and 3pt. Standard harrows are easy to handle, but big enough to do a great job!
Small Acreage Harrows
The Wingfield Medium Acreage Harrows are available as either a Maxi Drawbar (8'-24') or a MaxiLift 3pt. frame (7'2"-12'). Both of the harrows feature our fullest depth 7 1/2'. The added section depth allows the most work to be done per pass. It also allows you to pull the harrow faster (10-15mph), because the added weight/length keeps the harrow in contact with the ground.
Medium Acreage Harrows
Comes in widths from 8' - 25', and can be converted into a Standard-Duty Harrow Cart. Start with a heavy-duty center frame (8',10',12'), add hydraulic folding wings (4' 9",5' 7", 6' 5"), then you can add a tongue, tires, and lift cylinder to turn it into a pull-type harrow cart. This allows you to start small, and expand as yours needs grow.
Heavy-duty 3pt Pasture/Cart
The Wingfield Heavy-Duty Harrow Cart is available in widths from 36' - 50'. The carts allow you to tow the harrow behind another implement (Plow, Disk, Chisel, Cultivator, etc.), or to be used all by itself. Standard features include: Telescopic 20' Tongue, Adjustable Axles, 15" Rims, LT 700x15 Truck Tires, and Hydraulic Folding Wings.
Heavy-Duty Harrow Cart
Wingfield Harrows can be mounted on a variety of different implements: Crust Buster, Field Cultivator, Disk, Plow, Aerway, etc.). The harrow aids in leveling, breaking up dirt clods, prevents erosion, and helps break down residue faster.
Mounted Harrow
The Wingfield Drill Harrow mounts on virtually every grain drill. The drill harrow: improves seed to soil contact, delays weed growth, evenly distributes residue, and comes with a folding frame for easy storage.
Drill Harrow
The B-33 Mole Knife®, Clymer Coulter, and Wingfield Harrow creates an wonderful sub-soiling combination. The Clymer Coulters cut the surface to prevent clumps of turf being pulled up, and also allows the knife to penetrate easier decreasing the required horse power it takes to pull. The B-33 Mole Knife® sub-soils 4" - 8" deep without killing any surface grasses, and provides air and moisture to the soil. The Wingfield Harrow knocks down and levels any ridge that is created by the sub-soiling.
Pasture Renovator
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3pt VersaVator
The Wingfield 3pt. VersaVator is one of the most versatile tools available on the market today. It combines a tillage tool, leveling tool, and finishing tool - all in one piece of equipment.
Uses include: arenas, food plots, gardens, gravel/dirt driveways, pastures, and much more!

Standard Harrow Cart
The Standard Harrow Cart is available in widths from 17' - 34'. It features a bolt together frame, which provides flexibility and the unit can be shipped LTL anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. Also, if you did happen to hit an object with a welded frame, you run the risk of warping the entire frame. Whereas with the bolt together cart, you are able to replace individual pieces on the frame.
Harrow Cart Replacement/Conversion Sections
The Wingfield Harrow sections can be used to replace a number of competitors cart systems. We can match up with the old-style hooks, or you can convert your cart over to our new-style rings. Wingfield also has the option for single piece sections for more consist wear and better performance.
Wingfield Flexible Harrows
Harrows is what we do. Please feel free to take a look through the largest harrow selection in the world. Not only do we have the most, but also make the best! Our high quality tine can outlast the competition by 3 times, and no one can match our consistency or performance.
folding harrow
Wingfield Folding Mounted Harrows can be mounted on a variety of smaller tillage implements - plows, discs, cultivators, etc. - in widths up to 10' 4". The unit folds up for transport, storage, and to reach into tight areas.
replacement sections
Harrow Replacement Parts
Wingfield sells complete harrow tines, side tines, new-style welded front rings, new-style open front rings, new-style open rear rings, and old-style hooks.
Folding Mounted Harrow