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Agritek 3pt. Driveway Scraper

Award winning design, in which the front blade cuts down high spots and channels material across the full 8' (DS-96) of the rear blade. This moves material not only forward but laterally to settle as well as level.

Can be used on gravel or dirt driveways, parking lots, recreation areas, arenas, tractor pull tracks, and much more!

Comes in two different sizes, and has an optional quick-attach adapter available as well.

The driveway scraper has the ability to operate in both rigid or float. Float mode allows the unit to rock back and forth to maintain level, even though the tractor pulling it may be pitching up and down.

The 3pt. Driveway Scraper Features include:

• Heavy-duty channel construction

• Blades are made from 1/2" steel, and are reversable for longer wear

• "Ski-nose" front keeps the scraper level for when the scrape is in float

• Designed so the unit does not create dips, swells, or washboard

• Scraper comes in both 8' width (DS-96), and 6' width (DS-72)

• Cat. #1 hitch is standard on both models

• Optional Cat. #1 & #2 quick-hitch adapter is available for both models

Optional: Cat #1 and #2
Quick Hitch Adapter


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Agritek driveway scraper quick hitch adapter
6' wide - 400 lbs.
8' wide - 450 lbs.