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Agricultural: Prepare a seedbed, mix residue, incorporate chemicals/fertilizer, warm the soil, level, break up dirt clods, use in lieu of a stalk chopper, remove weeds, improve seed to soil contact, and more...
Livestock/Horses: Maintain a riding arena/corral, seed/interseed a pasture, break up manure, dethatch, aerate, control parasites/flies, invigorate growth, and more...
Landscaping: Seed/interseed a new lawn, clean up a vacant lot, level a gravel/dirt driveway, dry and smooth infields, and more...
Professional: Seed/interseed for turf production, smooth and level a construction site, break up plugs on a golf course, maintain a racetrack, and more...

Flexible Harrows

Small Harrows - EconoDrag and Standard Models

Mid-size Harrows - Maxi Drag and 3pt MaxiLift Models

3pt. Pasture Harrow/Cart - 8' - 26' wide

Flexible Harrow Cart - 16' - 34' wide

Heavy-Duty Harrow Cart - 36' - 50' wide

Mounted Harrow - Cultivator, Disc, Plow, Ripper, etc.

Folding Mounted Harrow - for Smaller Discs, Plows, Rippers, Cultivators, etc. from 6' 5" - 10' 4" wide

Drill Harrow - 10' - 30' wide

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3pt. Renovator

Pasture Renovator

VersaVator - NEW!

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There are only two questions you need to ask when considering a harrow
Uses for the harrow include:
Harrow Tine - The quality starts from the most basic part, the harrow tine.

Harrow Articles - These articles act as more or less a users guide on the MANY uses for the Wingfield Harrow.

F.A.Q. - This covers many of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from talking with our customers.

Company Information - A 3rd generation family-owned business that has been in business over 60 years.

Show Schedule - Listing of the many farms shows we attend across the country.

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Customer Testimonials - We are proud of our products and service, & love to hear from satisfied customers.
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Q:How can a harrow benefit my operation?
Q: Why buy a Wingfield Harrow over the competition?

A. The harrow is one of the most innovative and cost-effective pieces of farm equipment on the market. A harrow achieves this by:

- Multi-tasking: The harrow aerates, dethatches, incorporates seed/fertilizer, breaks up manure, allows moisture to soak into the soil, creates a seedbed, and levels high spots, all in one pass!

- Performing many different jobs: Harrows renovate pastures, condition a riding arena/corral, maintain a gravel/dirt driveway, clean up a vacant lot, interseed a lawn/pasture, level behind discs/cultivators, create seedbeds, incorporate chemicals/fertilizer, create food plots, and much more!

- Saving money: Harrows can reduce seeding and fertilizer costs by a third! The harrow provides excellent seed to soil contact so you can use less seed and get a better stand. The special "stirring" motion that the harrow provides both breaks up fertilizer AND provides a cohesive mixture, which prevents runoff and loss to wind. By breaking up fertilizer (manure) already in the pasture, you get free fertilizer too!

- Decreasing time spent: A harrow lets you get the job done fast and with zero breakdowns. Smaller harrows (5' depth) can be pulled at 8-10 mph, and larger harrows (7.5' depth) can be pulled at 10-15 mph.

- Assisting the environment: Harrowing promotes new growth to sequester carbons, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. It allows you to utilize natural fertilizer, and reduce parasites and insects without chemicals.

A: The Wingfield Harrow is a quality product and we guarantee that you will be satisfied, or your money back.

- Highest quality tine on the market: The Wingfield Harrow can last the competition by three times! That means less time having to deal with the hassle of reordering, replacing worn sections, shipping, and downtime. With the Wingfield Harrow a little extra money can go a long way. More specifications can be found here.

- World's largest harrow selection: Wingfield offers the most widths, depths, and mounting options. Wingfield has a harrow that matches up to your exact needs.

- Computer bent tines: All Wingfield Harrow tines are built to ISO 9001 specifications. This ensures that every tine is exactly the same to provide consistent wear and performance.

- Better features: Wingfield has been innovators in the field by creating features that not only improve the way the harrow works, but also make it easier to operate. We have added rings in lieu of old style hooks to eliminate unhooking and tangling. A smaller diameter but STRONGER tine to allow for excellent residue clearance. Our adjustable frames and mounting options work in conditions found throughout the whole country.

- A 100% American-made tine: Wingfield is a third generation family owned business, and we've been in business for over 50 years. We have sold flexible tine harrows for over 35 years, and have been manufacturing our own high quality tine over the last 17 years. You can rest easy knowing that you are not only supporting an American business, but that we are here to serve you with any service or parts. Harrows are what we do! You will not find a higher quality harrow, or a more knowledgeable staff when it comes to harrows.

- Worry free buying: Wingfield offers a 30 day money back guarantee. With a Wingfield Harrow you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with how the harrow performs, or all you will be out is the freight cost. Wingfield is the first in the industry to offer a one-year warranty against manufacturers defects! If a harrow tine should break or spread open in the normal course of operation, Wingfield will replace it at no cost.

Razors are disposable, but farm equipment shouldn't be. Wingfield Harrows are built to last. With the benefits and quality of our product, a Wingfield Harrow is a wise and worry-free investment.

We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all online orders to the lower 48 states!

Wingfield is proud to offer the world's largest harrow selection. However, we also realize that so many options can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we have recently created a new Wingfield Harrow Buyer's Guide to assist our customers in chosing the right harrow for their operation.

If you ever have a question on anything we offer, please feel free to email or call us at 800-637-6712 (9-5 CST).

Don't forget to check out our harrow articles. They offer a glimpse into how a Wingfield Flexible Harrow can benefit your land and operation.